Ronald Perlman’s surgical expertise

November 10, 2016
Dr. Ronald Perlman decided early in his surgical career -- while still a student, completing his second residency program -- to focus on plastics and reconstruction. It was while studying at Georgetown University Hospital, having already finished an entire residency rotation in general surgery, that this particular facet of the field sparked an appeal. He then decided to pursue it fully and it became his passion.

Since that time, Ronald Perlman has maintained his singular focus on cosmetic and reconstruction work in the surgical field. It was in 1984, after graduating with his M.D. and accomplishing two residencies, that he opened his own practice in Washington, D.C. This business brought Perlman’s gained knowledge in the plastics field to the metro region. Throughout the next three decades, he not only served and aided individuals in the region, but also persons across the U.S. and internationally as well. Additionally, Perlman’s work has extended into pro bono assistance through Second Chance Employment Services, a Washington, D.C.-based charity that helps find jobs for abused and underprivileged women. Through this program, he has provided his unique services to women helped by this agency who could benefit from Perlman’s abilities.

Dr. Ronald Perlman - Changing Lives From the Outside In

August 31, 2016
They say that how you feel about your external can greatly affect how you feel about your internal. The way you look can inspire strength or timidity. From an early age, Dr. Ronald Perlman knew that he wanted to help people feel beautiful from the outside in. To prepare, he started by working toward completing his education. He studied at Howard University. It was at Howard University that he discovered his ability to do well at science education. He even graduated Magna Cum Laude. He then went to Georgetown University Hospital where he completed his residency and the University of Alabama Hospital to complete a hand and microvascular fellowship. These fellowships specifically helped him gain the skills that he needed in order to succeed later in life at helping people feel beautiful. The education he received also helped him to prepare for his own practice that he would begin years later.

Currently, Dr. Ronald Perlman is an established plastic surgeon in the Washington D.C. area. His practice’s primary focus is to help clients whether that be with breast augmentation, liposuction, breast reduction (male and female), tummy tuck, facial, eye and nose surgery as well as outpatient services such as botox and facial fillers. This variety of services give him the dexterity to help people achieve the body goals that they desire through Dr. Ronald Perlman’s practice.